Life As I Know It

Just made the most delicious and savory Herbed Buttermilk (though non-dairy substitute (: ) Biscuits to create great sandwiches using leftover Easter ham! They were great!!

It was a perfect day for an awesome Easter celebration!

Picked up some fruits, vegetables, and chips at the local Farmer’s Market on my bike! Well, actually my mom’s with a nice basket for Farmer’s Market sort of things! (:


I had a great day at Huntington Gardens today. Lots of nice flowers in bloom (picture posted before this was of the roses in the rose garden). It was a nice day for it too.

Roses in Bloom

Roses in Bloom

The clouds don’t put on a show for everyone. Yet, there always up there looking nice. Not many people look up, but the clouds don’t care. I would care. They’re always so nice.

When the daily regularities are interrupted and/or abolished even temporarily, I feel lost inside. I always try to tell myself that it is unfair to turn something meant to be positive into negativity. Something so sacred as the setting sun being missed makes me feel bad. Yet days pass regardless and many have with me engaging in other things. Taking the dogs know might assuage some guilt. Nonetheless, I feel fine. Always did, don’t get the wrong idea.

Amazing how it rained and then cleared up so quickly and now it’s so nice out! Like it never happened!


Great afternoon light, great white clouds, beautiful sky, great green leaves… If anyone actually reads this I understand I say these things a lot but it happens so much I just can’t let it go unnoticed or unposted I guess. There’s so many nice days!